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2022 East Africa Tours and Safaris

Last Updated on March 7, 2023 by Augustine Tours

2022 East Africa Tours and Safaris Revealed: African vacation packages and tailor-made travel holidays beyond the Rwanda gorilla trekking tour and Tanzania’s great migration safari.

African wildlife tour packages beyond the popular safari itineraries

We have recently announced that tailor-made tours to the eastern African region have remained the foremost sought-after tour packages in 2021. Therefore a new tailor-made request form has been built to allow you to make a seamless tour inquiry.

Rwanda Wildlife Tours


Mountain Gorilla Rwanda Tours
Mountain Gorilla Trekking Tour in Rwanda

The year 2020 has indeed been a tricky time for all businesses, particularly the tourism industry. As 2021 is coming to an end, we want to discuss how the tailor-made tour packages have helped our company survive the Covid-19 turmoil. 

Before the pandemic, we’d had differing kinds of inquiries from our customers ranging from fixed departure tours to tailor-made travel packages. Joining a ready-made tour itinerary was easy as there have been no worldwide health concerns. The fixed departure group tours and itineraries couldn’t be changed, the schedule was shared with our customers prior so they could prepare themselves for the journey. 

Kenya wildlife & Tanzania Migration Experience

The Great Wildebeest Migration Safari-Tanzania
The Great Wildebeest Migration Safari-Tanzania

After 2020, we have seen a rise in tailor-made tour requests. All the tours they sold in 2021 were 100% tailor-made private tours. We have developed a brand new tailor-made tour booking form allowing our customers to inquire about a couple of tailor-made tours in less than two minutes. 

Gorilla Trek Uganda

The tailor-made tour request form aims to offer an opportunity to our customers a series of tour activities they’ll make a choice from. The tailor-made tour itinerary takes into account the customer’s travel needs and wishes. 

Uganda Tours in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Let us emphasize again that the Africa travel experience goes beyond the Rwanda gorilla trekking tour and Tanzania’s great migration safari experience. The tailor-made tours work for solo travelers, senior travelers, families, and couples considering a visit to Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda, DR Congo, Tanzania, and Kenya. Our tailor-made tour requests are always free. 

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Augustine Tours is a trusted travel company that consistently delivers value-driven, memorable tailor-made tours and safaris in East Africa. Our professional customer service and fair pricing keep visitors to East Africa experiencing the best of the region in the most effective way.

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