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Best of Rwanda and Burundi luxury tours and safaris isn’t just about staying in high-end, excellent, exclusive hotels and lodges and visiting a beautiful destination. The real luxury comes from the whole experience and the sense of fulfillment you get to take with you always when your holiday comes to an end.

In some situations, planning the perfect family holiday, and fixed departure group tours can be difficult at the best of times; where to go, where to stay, what to do in a luxurious way but most importantly at an affordable rate.

The Tours in Rwanda offer an opportunity to see the Nightfall over Kigali

Rwanda:  Gorilla Trekking Tours

This country has all travel options depending on any category of tourists you belong to. Whether you are a solo traveler, in small groups traveling on fixed departures, or with families or friends looking for private tours, your tour wishes will be accommodated. Rwanda will give you more than a tour but an experience. A mix of wildlife and cultural heritage makes your vacation unforgettable.

An Encounter of tourist and a mountain gorilla in African jungle of Rwanda
A Tourist looking at a mountain gorilla in the jungle. Getting very close to the wildlife

It is in this same country- Rwanda- where you can trek the mountain gorillas in Volcanoes National Park, enjoy the beauty of lakes, nature walks in Nyungwe National Park, and experience wildlife game drives in Akagera National Park. Trekking Gorilla in Rwanda comes on the top list of the country’s tourist activities. This paragraph aims at presenting you with the most updated information on trekking gorillas in Rwanda and seeing primates.

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Gorilla trekking permit in Rwanda

You won’t see mountain gorillas in many places on our planet except in Uganda, Rwanda, and DR Congo. When you plan to go on a gorilla trekking tour, it is important to secure your gorilla permit ahead enough of your desired trekking date before finalizing your travel arrangements.

A Gorilla eating plants in Volcanoes National Park Forest in Musanze Rwanda
A Gorilla eating plants in the forest

The gorilla permit costs US $ 1500 per person and a piece of it goes to the conservation and protection of these primates. There are 10 mountain gorilla groups, which makes 80 gorilla permits available to visitors per day. Each group is made of 8 people to trek the endangered apes.

Burundi Tours: Luxury along Lake Tanganyika

View of rooms at Hotel Club du Lac Tanganyika

These types of holidays either fixed departure packages or private tours are available along the beaches of Lake Tanganyika at the feet of Bujumbura, the main city of Burundi. With long-spread shores, crystal clear water, and the beach itself of soft white sand, it is one of the travelers’ favorite destinations in Burundi. Along these stretched shores you will find numerous great restaurants and hotels as well as some lovely holiday guest houses and apartments. The city center is easily accessible from these accommodation choices.

View of the Lounge Bar at Hotel Club du Lac Tanganyika

Visitors to Burundi can now enjoy an intimate art-like experience by sleeping in one of the many hotels where many bedrooms have been styled in an artistic way with African decorations completing the beautiful sensation. Bujumbura at night is very special and usually a much entertaining place.

The Burundi drummers performing at Gishora Drum Sanctuary
The Burundi drummers performing at Gishora Drum Sanctuary

A variety of hotels offer night entertainment making the shores lively every hour of the day.  From a relative distance, it is possible to see some light trails far from passing boats as the fishermen cast their nets mostly far away from the shores near the city. When looking for a perfect holiday, choosing somewhere to stay with a stunning outlook is a good way to start your luxurious yet affordable stay in Burundi.

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