Mugamba region is located in the water divide zone for Congo and Nile Rivers’ systems. Habitations are scattered across this region of beautiful landscapes in Burundi,a tiny central African country.
Given low temperatures of the area, you still find in this corner thatched houses. This enables the residents to protect themselves against cold especially at night. Bamboo hedges, straw roofed surround this type of houses painted in red and kaolin.
These dwellings testify to the adaptation of a population in its natural living milieu. The building materials are characteristic of the region; they are essentially bamboo, wheat straw,etc. That is the exploitation of local materials in the building. The houses found in this region are quite different from the Burundian traditional dwellings. With modernity, these houses have changed their format. This kind of dwellings resembles much the constructions met in Ethiopia around the Lake Wenchi. They also exist in Rwanda.
The most interesting part of this dwelling zone is along the national road no.7, after the urban centre of Ijenda. The tourist will find it difficult to choose between taking views either near the road or on the large vista covering all the hills that endlessly stretch out. This route also leads to the source of the Nile, Karera waterfalls and Nyakazu rift.A guided tour in Burundi usually includes a trip to this amazing region .