Benefits of small group tours to East Africa

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Traveling to East Africa has so many benefits when done in small group adventure travel.Small group tours, given the number taking part into them, give tourists the opportunities to discover and unlock the mystery of East Africa that you won’t be able to experience while traveling in a large group.Travel is always a non-small decision when it comes to the question where you have to spend your most precious time, especially on a holiday.

That is the reason our tour packages are carefully designed and balanced to make sure we meet the tourist’s mind expectations.

Our safaris are usually organized for an average of 8 people group, our travel consultants and guides born and raised in East Africa (Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania) will ensure you get the most of your trip as we know our destination better than anyone .

Here are a few advantages of Augustine Tours small group tours in East Africa:

1. Assurance

While we can all agree on the fact that there are destinations that are relatively easy to travel through as an independent tourist, there are of course some others seemingly hard where a small group adventure travel is absolutely recommended.

In the off beaten destinations where visa requires a local tour operator invitation letter , travel itinerary cannot be easily self-made ,hotel booking and car rental can be a headache , taking part into small group adventure will resolve the problem .

2.Personal touch

Traveling in a small group adventure travel packages will make, for the guides, the job easier to meet your expectations by offering everyone in the group a personal touch, giving the idea of a private tour.It can also be the best option for tourists with an interest on local culture focus. You can develop relationship with locals that can be very beneficial to your understanding of the country you are traveling through. Our guides possess a wealth of local knowledge about each corner of East Africa that they happily share.

You can take part, in coordination with us, into local villages’ activities, dances, and drums and feel local.

Another advantage is that your tour guide can improvise and add some interesting activities usually without any extra single penny to be paid; something that can be hard with a large group.