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Ethiopia small group tours

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Ethiopia small group tours explained! Ethiopia is an Eastern Africa country in the horn of Africa, and it borders Kenya on the south, Sudan and South Sudan to the west, Eritrea to the north and Somalia and Djibouti to the east. The capital of Ethiopia is known as Addis Ababa. Ethiopia features steep topography with high plateaus which varies from 4,232 to 9,843 feet above the sea level and very high mountains reaching up to 14,872 feet. Furthermore, Ethiopia lies along the great rift valley which slips the plateau diagonally.

The tourism sector in Ethiopia

5.5% of Ethiopia’s gross domestic product (GDP) was accounted for by tourism in the year 2006 has increased by 2% over the last year. The government of Ethiopia is committing and willingly developing the tourism sector through various initiatives. In Ethiopia, there are various tourist destinations including Ethiopia’s sets of national parks such as Semien mountain national park and historical sites as well including the cities of Lalibela, Axum, Gondar, Negash Mosque, and Harar Jugol.

Tourism was developed in Ethiopia in the 1960s, and it started to decline significantly in 1970s and 1980s. Tourism began to pick up once again in the 1990s, but its growth was constrained by lack of various infrastructure including suitable hotels and restaurants as well as droughts and political instability. Ethiopia features various world heritage sites that are under the protection of UNESCO. These sites include ruins of Axum, Fasil Ghebbi, Konso cultural landscape, lower valley of the Awash, Tiya, Lower Valley of the Omo, Simien mountains national park and Harar which is a historic fortified town. In 2015, Ethiopia was awarded the world’s best tourism destination for 2015 by the European Council on Tourism and trade.

Ethiopia tailor-made tour

Furthermore, Ethiopia features various wildlife with animals that belong to typical African savannah grasslands and woodland, and in the southern part of Ethiopia, some creatures are indigenous including gelada baboon and the Ethiopian wolf.

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With tailor-made tours, you will get the local community experience where you can stay in the local community like that of basalt mountains around Lalibela. You will experience their ancient world, their way of life including their churches. Furthermore, you can have a tour in the age-old agrarian landscape of the Highlands of Ethiopia. Consequently, you can have local tour operators who will be guiding you through the rift valley escarpments and watching the Gelada baboon hanging around the cliff face and the local boys looking after their flocks as their fathers plow the fields.

Ethiopia might be the next biggest Africa travel destination. It is because of the beautiful landscape that Ethiopia has to offer, its rich history and the ancient Ethiopian Orthodox Christianity. Some of the orthodox shrines are under the UNESCO world heritage site. This article will highlight some treks and things to see on Ethiopian tailor-made group tours or private travels run by locals.

Ethiopia Small Group Tours -Top things to do

There are various things one can do while in Ethiopia, and they will astound you. Since Ethiopia isn’t closed off to the outside world, its citizens are welcoming. Furthermore, Ethiopia features one of the oldest written language on earth known as Amharic. Various activities tend to attract more tourists each year traveling either in small groups or private travels.

Ethiopia is also considered among the less expensive travel destinations in Africa. While in this country, you should consider visiting Aksum one of the aged cities in Africa which was home to the old Aksumite Empire. Present are ruins in the Aksum city, and one can find amazing artifacts and best relics at the city center. Besides a rich history, Aksum is considered the supposed location of the ark of the covenant.

A city tour of Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa also known as the capital city of Africa since it hosts the headquarter of the African Union is commendable. Addis Ababa features beautiful things to do like churches, mosques, and cathedrals and has a fantastic nightlife. Consequently, Addis Ababa is considered to be the home of Africa’s largest market.

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There is a museum that has the oldest humanoid in the world known as Lucy Bahir Dar in the 3rd largest town in Ethiopia, and you can access lake Tana while in the city. Lake Tana feeds the Nile, and while touring this nation you can see some of the ancient monasteries in the country, and the Blue Nile falls with beautiful scenery.

Gondar is a real-life Camelot of Ethiopia, and it features various complex castles and a small monastery which is located near the town of Gorgora that is very impressive.

Lalibela is one of the places that one must visit. Lalibela is a town that was designed to be the second Jerusalem and of the Ethiopians still claims the fact. It features various churches that awe-inspiring and is carved out of stones including one of the most famous church the St. Georges Cathedral, and you can find multiple monasteries within the region as well. Just like the Maasai of Kenya, the Omo valley is the only on earth that you can locate indigenous people that have less influence from the outside world.

ethiopia- Simien Mountains National Park

The Simien mountains a UNESCO world heritage site is often known as the God’s playground since it features unique information. Some of these treks lead to the national park, and you can see the incredible landscape and various combinations of animals.

Ethiopia is an incredible country, and one can visit it anytime throughout the year. It features a fantastic climate with an average temperature of 20 degrees Celsius within the highland region and 30 degrees Celsius within the lowland fringes of the western, southern and eastern areas.

The best time to visit Ethiopia is during the dry season that is between October and June when it is perfect for trekking amongst wildflowers with beautiful colors. Since Ethiopia is highly elevated always consider bringing a sweater with you.

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