Photos taken by Pedro Villela Capanema Garcia from Brazil in March 2019

Are you traveling to Germany for the centenary celebration of the founding of Bauhaus? Yes, the German school of art which has had and still has influence among artists, painters, architecture professionals around the globe.

What do we know about Bauhaus?

Founded in Weimar in 1919, Bauhaus portraited not just an art but by far a philosophy of putting together sculpture, design, and architecture as a single discipline to deliver a structural imagination in construction. Although the school didn’t last for long, before its suppression in 1933 by the Nazis, it has marked an indelible impact on the modern architecture around the globe.

Burundi, a destination for Bauhaus centenary?

This year, if you are an architecture buff you must be heading now or later to Germany to celebrate the centenary of Bauhaus. Did you know that Bauhaus 100th birthday can also be celebrating in a little-known country of East Africa? Augustine Tours has an idea for you: Burundi. The company will take you to these little-known architectural wonders: the beautiful Bauhaus and modernist buildings in Bujumbura and Gitega.

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