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Burundi green tour

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Sustainable travel now? Yes! So, borders are open, you took the Covid-19 vaccine and are excited about planning an African safari. And you are conscious about a few things- climate change and responsible travel. A conscious traveler will do some homework to help the tourism industry recover.  Whether traveling solo, in small groups, or on family vacations, traveling sustainably is always possible. For sure, starting by looking for a local travel company seems to be the first step.

In this article, we will be discussing things you might need to consider when traveling to East Africa. 

In The Haven of Africa: East Africa is a region full of contrasts, a historical destination for true African hospitality where tourists of all ages, blend, to create a fascinating, exciting, adventurous, and relaxing destination. This is a place that magically unfolds irresistible, charming touches rooted in traditional African hospitality which is topped up with ultra-modern services.

The blend of beautiful people and diverse well-kept culture with the seductive beauty of the tropical environment, well-laid savannahs and lush green hills, the unmatched rich wildlife, and the breezy coastal and inland beaches brings a unique fusion of experiences.

Sustainable Burundi green tour

In here, there are cities and big towns which are the entertainment, shopping, sports, and business capitals of this beautiful African region. Accommodation facilities and dining options range from local and international cuisines.

For an urban avid traveler, entertainment facilities range from traditional, cultural to trendy nightlife options. These cities offer any traveler a home away from home on a platter.

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Diversity and similarity found in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda, and Burundi either on the wildlife, historical, and cultural aspect make East Africa a rich destination. With the tropical climate all year round, bird lakes which are homes to various birds’ species are well distributed in the country, mostly in Burundi and Rwanda. Here, culture is not just heritage but a backbone of these sister countries, that has been protected and promoted for generations to come.

Sustainable- Mount Heha-Burundi Tour
Mount Heha-Burundi Tour

This haven is a very safe destination with a favorable, tropical climate all through the year. Add to these the best coastal and inland beaches and the timeless landscapes of the hills and savannahs, and it is easy to see why East Africa is an exciting year-round destination. Those are ultimately the simple and effective Choices For Sustainable Tourism Now.

                        Eco-friendly travel for a sustainable tourism

With widespread tourism across the East Africa region, we need to acknowledge the continued growing pressure on fragile ecosystems and local communities. Sustainable tourism that seeks to fully address these sensitive issues especially is something tourists can as well aspire to.

Uplifting local communities might be one of the ways to participate in and support sustainable tourism initiatives. More and more of travelers are interested in gaining at least a clear understanding of local cultures, politics, and how tourism can positively impact these communities in working to conserve the beautiful cultural heritage and preserve the ecology that animals and plants depend upon.

Tea plantations- Burundi Tour
We encourage all our clients to purchase local goods wherever possible (don’t buy souvenirs produced from endangered species: shells, feathers, animal skins), support local communities in sustaining their environment, and also if possible, participate in local activities that demonstrate a commitment to looking after the local communities and ecology in every destination they choose to visit.

Simple choices can also make a lasting impact on the planet

We firmly believe that this is essential in addressing social and ecological issues, and in return, we continue retaining and promoting East Africa’s status as an attractive, magical, and forever colorful green travel destination for one and all. East Africa is a green, beautiful sanctuary, so we choose to travel responsibly and travel green always.

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