An awesome travel adventure in East Africa.  Are you dreaming of  an unforgettable beautiful holiday trip in Africa? There are many beautiful travel destinations out there in East Africa.
East Africa isn’t only an amazing travel destination for wildlife safari and beach holidays. For a well-entertaining holiday in the African wild, our tailor-made all-inclusive safari packages include accommodation, food & soft drinks. A private 4WD safari vehicle, entrance fees to different recreational activities, parks and museums in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi make the whole package.
When you travel on an all-inclusive holiday package, you will not have to worry about searching and comparing the best hotel offers or looking for restaurants. Furthermore, you also don’t have to think about planning activities. The tour itinerary includes airport transfers, transport and , museum fees.
Day or long day trips since all is paid and arranged in advance through us as your tour operator .
We take care of everything, your job will be to sit back and relax, enjoying the most of your vacation. There is always a possibility to get best deals. So keep an eye on our website offers.  Augustine Tours offers will have all details described as what it includes. The price and the maximum/minimum number of people who can join the tour.
There are many beautiful travel destinations out there in East Africa. However, not all of them can be easy for self-made trips particularly if you’re not an experienced traveler.
In most of the cases, you pay a fortune for something for which you should not, because of lack of local information. We have a wealth of local knowledge that we happily share. The last  advantage but not the least  of an all-inclusive travel package to East Africa, is the opportunity to socialize on tour. You will meet local people, your tour guides will get you to places you wouldn’t on your own. Travel may be an Adventure in East Africa.

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