Can I Travel to Uplift Less Traveled Destinations? So, it’s that time of your life when you want to plan a trip to an amazing region. Many tourists will prefer reputable places that guarantee they will enjoy their visit.

Tea plantations- Burundi Tour

Burundi tea plantations

It is a great idea to visit well-known regions; however, I would urge travelers to consider areas that are yet to be appreciated. For example, when you plan to visit Africa, East Africa to be specific, you will learn about Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and Rwanda. These are wonderful travel destinations, but they have become almost too common. There are other countries, for example, Burundi is less traveled but offers the most amazing travel experience. Also, visiting such countries allows you to promote tourism and transform the lives of citizens.

What’s interesting about Burundi?

Well, there are many reasons to consider Burundi to be the heart of Africa. The country is in the East and South of Tanzania, North side of Rwanda, and the Western side of DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo). Its position places it at a zone where Central and East Africa converge making it the heart of Africa. Also, it has a warm climate and the locals have equally warm hospitality. The country’s small size makes it easy for you to make the most of your travel. If you want to do it alone, you can rent a car and driver and visit most of the places and get back to the city probably on the same day. However, tourism is beyond going places, it would be a good idea to get a tailor-made tour and accommodation within cities like Bujumbura, Ngozi or Gitega for an exquisite visit.

Reasons to visit Burundi


Although unknown among many foreign tourists, Bujumbura is a vibrant city and the capital of Burundi. The locals, within the city, are welcoming to foreigners and will be more than willing to assist you to get comfortable. Common languages in Bujumbura, Burundi, are French, English, Swahili, and Kirundi. You will get access to most services making it easier for you to travel to other destinations.


Burundi is a small but beautiful country. It is an incongruous mix of languid lakeside communities and soaring mountains. You will definitely enjoy the country’s natural environment. Since the country is less developed, there are few manufacturing industries to pollute the air; hence, natural freshness of the air.

Green Burundi Tour

Green Burundi Tour

Lake Tanganyika-supposing you want to relax at the beaches of a great lake; a visit to Lake Tanganyika would be recommendable. The massive lake is remarkably beautiful with many beaches that stretch from its capital to the south of Burundi. You may be lucky enough to observe hippos from a safe distance when they come out of the water.

Thermal water therapy

There are over 10 thermal water sites in Burundi, but not all are operational. However, the working sites, Mugara hot springs for instance among other, have therapeutic capabilities. Many tourists and locals visit the sites, especially individuals with rheumatism. Regardless of the therapeutic benefits, you can get to enjoy swimming in the natural warm water and interact with the amazing locals.

Amazing drumming performances

There is not much known about the Burundian culture and heritage because of its limited global popularity. Regardless, the heart of Africa has some of the best cultures. The locals celebrate life by beating drums, as it is a culture inherited over generations. Normally, the drummers wear red, green, and white, which are the colors on Burundi’s flag. These drummers are common in Gitega and you may be lucky to watch them as they rehearse in preparation of an official event.

Gishora drummers

Gishora drummers

Value of your visit

There are many reasons to travel to Burundi at least once in a lifetime. Most tourists visit developing countries in Africa to experience common concepts of life like culture and nature. However, there is more to your visit than getting to enjoy your free time after a period of working hard. Whenever we visit these less developed and less traveled regions, we provide them with the chance to be known. For example, we may all assume that it is unsafe to travel to Burundi because of its violent and sad past.

When you travel to the heart of Africa, you get to support the local communities as they offer you paid services. You may also get to document their cultures and the beauty of the country and share it with the world. Doing this will attract more visitors to the country; hence, promoting its economy. You may not help many of the less fortunate locals, but a single visit could be your opportunity to transform their lives. So better get ready to visit this beautiful country in your next trip and be part of people transforming lives through tourism.

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