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Car Hire And Private Tours In East Africa

Last Updated on December 27, 2022 by Augustine Tours

Car hire and private tours in East Africa: This comes as an answer to multiple questions we received from past clients who have asked us if we only provide car hire options to corporate travelers. Besides our main products: small group travels, and fixed departure tours in Africa offered through guided tours, we avail car hire packages to people who want to travel independently.  

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If you are traveling to East Africa, for business or leisure, one of the things you might consider is to hire a car to get around cities and villages to explore these countries. Hiring a private driver can be a good deal for solo travelers as well. This short article will focus on hiring a car with us and its benefits.

Whether traveling on a business or private trip, all you need is a good and reliable car rental company for your preferred car with possibly optional supplements, unlimited mileage, and length of hire. This car hire option can be an opportunity for you to organize your business, family, friends’ meetings, or holidays with much ease as you prefer.

Does Augustine Tours offer car hire options?

Our car hire packages are for anyone who wants to travel and explore East Africa on private tours. This can be a guided tour or simply a car hire plan. From our fantastic car hire philosophy to easy pick-up and drop off, giving a stress-free holiday in the car hire of your dreams is our tradition. Our friendly staff is 24/7 available to help and get you one step closer to enjoying your holiday. 

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Who can rent a car with us?  

Car Hire And Private Tours In East Africa

Our car hire offers are for anyone who wants to travel independently. We offer a wide variety of spacious car hire that fit all passengers and their luggage with room to spare. Planning a romantic getaway in East Africa? Book and take advantage of a stylish car hire plan you can rely on every moment, and drive in style. We offer a wide variety of car hires in order to best meet your vehicle and holiday needs in Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania. From economy cars to SUVs, you are sure to find the vehicle of your dreams. 

Cost Benefits

Besides all the freedom and convenience of hiring a car with Augustine Tours, the cost is another important point. No hidden fees –no extra insurance- nothing extra. Our car hire plans include a driver to take you around places you want to go to at no extra cost. You also have the advantage of being driven by a local who gives local insights.  

Why book a car with Augustine Tours? 

There are many reasons why people choose to hire cars with us.


1. Each car is checked and maintained by trained mechanics on a regular basis before and after each trip.

2. We have a 10-year experience in transportation with international companies.

3. Customer service team to assist you and give you advice on hire options.

4. Best price, Best value guarantee

5. Well-trained drivers in risk management.

6. Well-groomed English/French-speaking drivers

7. No extra car insurance

8. Unlimited kilometers unless otherwise stated

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9. Airport Tax (when picking up at an airport of course)

10. Payment flexibility- wire transfer or major credit cards

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