In most part of East Africa, hospitality and warmness is not a duty but a way of life which is openly conveyed to visitors. Obviously, this kind of traditional welcome is nothing that can be found in many parts of the world. East Africans are blessed with a beautiful home and though many see it as a dark region due to its rough past, only through the eyes of an East African resident that a traveler can see the light in this amazingly beautiful and ever-evolving part of Africa.

Throughout the years, East Africa has proven to be one of the greatest destinations one could ever visit. With its diverse combination of life and well-preserved culture, it thrills all those who come into contact with it and its unique habitats.

East Africa is a land of adventure, and the combination of stunning scenery and several of the most majestic and fascinating animals on earth makes this area a haven for nature lovers. Many of the visitors coming to the region do so for the opportunity to enjoy a safari and to spot animals like the big five; lions, elephants, the endangered white and black rhinos, buffaloes and leopards. In addition to the big five, the largest living primates, mountain gorillas are also found in East Africa-in Uganda and Rwanda. Its ever-evolving geographical features that include active volcanic mountains, the savannah and rain forests, are also other great sites worth visiting. The coastal areas and the islands of East Africa offer a very different natural and relaxing experience which involves indulging oneself in the unique coastal diverse culture and breathtaking beach activities for all travelers regardless of their age group.

The past colonial influence has reduced dramatically during the twentieth century, with all of East Africa now made up of independent nations. While there is still strife and conflict in some areas, many places that do have important tourist locations tend to attract visitors and work in making themselves a peaceful and welcoming place for visitors from any part of the world.

East African infrastructure includes good and reliable transport connections with every member country having at least one busy airport. Most of these airports facilitate in connecting East Africa to the rest of Africa countries and beyond to other parts of the world. Connecting within East Africa can be easily done by road or air. The road network is highly improving and is cheaper and adventurous compared to connection by air. Other infrastructure includes internet connection in most urban areas, accommodation varying from luxury to budget choices.

As the economy quickly develops in this part of Africa, travel services are also getting on a higher notch. Tours and accommodation vary from luxury to budget, families to couples and small groups to individual choices. Regardless of travel seasons, whether high or low, East Africa is full of surprise packages for any traveler who wishes to indulge in the adventure and ambiance experience that this region offers.

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