Holidays are not supposed to be stress-filled. They are supposed to be unforgettable moments, filled with joy and discovery. Moment of craziness that we can picture in our memory. But most of the time this is not what happens.


We are always excited about the idea of going on holiday with our family. We begin to imagine how magic it will be, we even hear those loudly laugh what they will be doing while standing on the mountain top feeling the fresh breeze on our cheeks. But normally this is not what happens.
After dreaming about everything I said above, many questions bump into our minds like‘Where should we go? What’s the price? How about the time we will spend there? Which hotel can we afford? How are we going to travel? Which days can we take so that we may visit historical places? How can I have a professional guide, does the guide speaks English? By the time those questions are like racing in our minds that we become exhausted by the planning and end up going for something small which is far from the holiday we wanted.


Years have passed, and we plan to meet for some days and spend quality time together. We have talked about it many times and now is the time. But, there is a problem, as we are coming from different places we need to agree on a certain calendar, and what we want to do. As we take time to be clear on a specific day and on our daily schedule, some of us find it too expensive and are obliged to let this meeting & traveling with friends’ opportunity go. Sad, that is not how we were expecting our holidays.

Good news

This is what I have found as a solution to the problem we encounter while planning for holidays either with family or friends.
Do you want a relaxed, enjoyable, and unstressed Africa private tour trip? The fixed departure tours are for you. They are fixed departure tour holiday packages and travels to East Africa namely Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania. In the package, you can either travel with your family or other people who have booked the same package and departure as you did. This is what we can recommend to you if you want to have a memorable holiday and visit most of the historical and unforgettable places without getting overwhelmed by the planning of each detail of your holiday.

With the fixed departure tour packages, you do not have to worry about making travel arrangements or hotel bookings, all you need to do is to register and go for it. The small fixed departure group tours and itineraries cannot be changed, the schedule is shared to you in advance so that you may prepare yourself for the adventure.
Together with our tour guide who assists you throughout the tour, there is good news in a sense that:

  1. you do not travel alone and you meet a lot of people who turn into friends;
  2. the tour price is always much fair- opposed to a private tour

7 Day Fixed Departure Tour To Rwanda

This is a worry-free holiday with careful arrangements from the beginning to the end. You only need to sit back and get most of the tour.

Interested in tailor-made tours? Learn how it works

Tailor-Made Tours from Augustine Tours on Vimeo.

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