4 Tips You Need About Healthy Travel on Africa Adventure.

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Why healthy travel when on Africa Adventure? The thrill of adventure can easily be squashed by illness, fatigue, or injury. However, many of the health pitfalls of travel can be prevented by educating yourself and preparing before you go.

Every location, whether it’s in Africa, South America, or Europe has health concerns unique to that region. Talking to your doctor and doing your homework will assure you that you’re fully prepped and healthy so you can enjoy your stay. We’ve put together some tips to start your trip outright and keep you healthy for the duration of your journey.

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For Healthy Travel Focus on Good Habits Before You Go

Take care of yourself in the weeks before you go. Eat regular, healthy, well-balanced meals. Prep some quick, healthy snacks in advance like carrot sticks, celery, nuts, and dried berries. If you’re short on cooking time, plan ahead with a few freezer meals that can easily be cooked in a crockpot or precook and warm them up throughout the week.

Remember to stay well hydrated. Your immune system only works at full capacity when you’re completely hydrated. The immune system is also at its peak when you get at least seven hours of sleep. Sleep is your body’s restoration and healing time. The brain cleanses itself, the immune system recharges, and your hormone levels stay stable based on how much sleep you get, so make it a priority.

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Research Your Destination

Do some research on local diseases and illnesses before you go and get up to date on your vaccinations. Talk to your doctor well in advance as some vaccinations require more than one dose spaced over a specific period of time. A little research will also alert you to any symptoms that could indicate an illness that requires medical attention.

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In your research, you should also look into the best way to get medical attention at your destination. And since we’re talking about it, make sure to invest in adequate travel insurance to cover your medical needs. You don’t want to compromise your health by avoiding treatment when you need it.

Prepare and Follow Protocol to Avoid Mosquitos

Here’s where your research will help you again. Mosquitos and flies are carriers of a variety of illnesses. Knowing how to avoid these pests can be vital to your health. For example, some species are attracted to certain colors like black and blue. Get stocked up on bug spray and wear it all day, every day to decrease the probability of contracting a serious illness spread by insect bites.

Stay Hydrated While You Travel But Drink Carefully

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Hydration is important before you go and while you travel. However, you have to be careful of the water source. In many countries, tap water carries diseases or parasites. Bottled water is the safest source of hydration. But, you have to be careful here too, especially if you’re buying from street vendors. Some vendors may refill bottles with tap water and resell them. Make sure the bottle is properly sealed before drinking.


Good preparation will keep you safe and take some of the worries out of heading out into the unknown. Drink your water, talk to your doctor, and get ready for another adventure.

The article was written by Family Living Today as a guest post. 

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