How to visit Uganda​ on tailor-made tours in search of gorilla trekking, mountaineering, hiking, and chimpanzee experience led by a local tour operator? What does Uganda is one of the best countries that any person no matter the age they are in can travel to? It is an African country that is landlocked, and it borders Kenya, South Sudan, Tanzania, and Rwanda. Many people from all over the world have a very high interest in Africa vacations in Eastern African because of the many things that they can do while in Uganda holidays. Being one of the Eastern African countries, a tailor-made tour in Uganda can be coupled with a safari in neighboring countries. In this article, I am going to highlight Uganda and explain in deep the many things that one can do when they are in this country.

  1. Visiting the Equator line

Upon visiting Uganda, there is one major thing that you can do and that is visiting the equator line that passes through Uganda. The equator is the line that passes horizontally through the world and it is the one that divides the whole world into two hemispheres, the northern hemisphere, and the southern hemisphere. While at the Equator, you can decide to either take some photos or even straddle it as well. It is also exciting to know the other fact about the two hemispheres is that you can also experience the water flowing in different directions in the two regions. These features make it one of the best places to visit while in Uganda.

  1. Walking to the Gorillas

Number two on this list for a gorilla trekking experience. It is in Uganda that one will be able to walk in Bwindi National Park home to gorillas. For many years many people have been going to Uganda to see these gorillas that are very many in this part of the world. Having very few countries in the world that have the availability of black gorilla, it is only in Uganda that you will not end up spending a lot of money so that you can experience this wonderful world life. Any person despite their age, fit for a hike, is also allowed to enter in this park in and behold these amazing creatures.

  1. Hiking to see the chimpanzees

In Uganda, there are also very many chimpanzees and any person just like the other two points explained above, it is allowed for any person to visit this place and hike as well. There are very many chimpanzees that one who goes to Uganda can go on to track. These chimpanzees are only found in the highest places such as the trees in the mountains. This makes it even much more interesting when one is going on top of the mountains to see these magnificent animals. Prices to go and watch these animals are also reasonable as compared to other countries in the world that have the chimpanzees. There is only one place in Uganda that you will be able to find the Chimpanzees and that is the Kibale National Park. It is just about 12km into the jungle of this park where you can see these animals.

  1. Murchison Falls

In Uganda, there are also the Murchison falls that are very well maintained in such a way there is no waste that is dumped in that area. This makes it one of the best waterfalls in the world. When you visit these waterfalls, you will be able to enjoy the cold weather in this area. Any person regardless of their age is allowed in these are, but for children, they need to be accompanied by their parents or guardians. It is reasonable to be in this waterfall because the charges are low and any person that has gone there to enjoy the breeze will easily afford the money to get a pass into the falls area. The area views are beautiful and any person who goes there will be able to enjoy to the fullest.

  1. Kampala’s party time!

The other great thing that one can be able to enjoy is visiting Kampala city. It is the capital city of Uganda, and many people are located in this area. This means that there are also very many cars in this city and many people are forced to ramble in the city. This means that you will have a great time when you visit clubs to enjoy a couple of beers. Parties in these clubs are restricted to people who are above the age of 18 years, and you need to provide your national ID. With this said, it means that only adults are allowed into the clubs and hence no children are allowed in.

  1. Visiting Queen Elizabeth National park to Watch Elephants

This is another part of Uganda that any person is entitled to attend, and age does not hinder any person. It is in this park that one will be able to find elephants and they are huge animals. Only a few countries in the world have these kinds of animals, and in Uganda, you will be able to access the park at a little fee that any person who is going there is required to pay. This makes it easy for people to be able to access the national park. There are also many other different animals that are also available in this national park, and you will even get a chance of seeing them. These animals include lions, antelopes, leopards among many others. When you visit Uganda, make a point of going to this park by the name of Queen Elizabeth national park.

In conclusion, you will need to understand that there are very many other sites in Uganda that one can visit when they go to Uganda. Wildlife safari in its national parks include lions, zebras, buffaloes, zebras, buffaloes, elephants, leopards, baboons, giraffes, cheetahs, Uganda kobs, the rare situationist, waterbucks, bushbucks, bush pigs, chimpanzees and many more attractions you can make a plan for a day. Local tour operators offer competitive prices from the best packages offered all year round.

Some of them just by naming include the start of the river Nile as well as eating a Rolex. The beginning of stream Nile is in Lake Victoria, and this makes many people very existed when they visit that place it is one of the most visited areas by tourists when they are in Uganda. Always make sure that you visit these places that are named above, and you will never regret point to this landlocked country by the name of Uganda.

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