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Burundi Tour Overview

Have you ever wondered where Burund is located? Chances are yes. You are not alone. It is not always to find the right information about Burundi travel. Fortunately, you reading this post. in this post, I will discuss reasons you need to stop stressing about things to do in Burundi as you are planning a tour in Burundi. I will explain why Karera waterfalls shouldn’t be ignored on your Burundi tour itinerary.

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Karera waterfalls are an important component of the Burundi tour and things to do. A tailor-made tour to Burundi can be arranged to suit any individual or group’s needs, whether it’s a cultural visit, an adventure tour, or a combination of the two. A tour of the country could include visits to historical sites and monuments, game parks, markets, and hiking trails. In addition, there are many cultural festivals, celebrations, and performances to experience.

Depending on the time of year, activities such as canoeing, kayaking, and fishing may also be available. Accommodation options range from luxury hotels and lodges. With so much to see and do, a tailor-made tour of Burundi can be an unforgettable experience.

Burundi tour itineraries that include Karera waterfalls and Gishora drum sanctuary

7-Day Ultimate Burundi tour

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7-Day Uganda Rwanda Burundi Overland Tour

Burundi Sightseeing Tour with Karera

Karera Waterfalls or the Chutes de la Karera is a collective name attributed to four waterfalls found in Burundi- in the province of Rutana. The site is one of the places usually included in Burundi tour packages. The beautiful one of the four waterfalls is the one you reach first when you get there. It is where you can park your car.

Upstream from this is often the tiniest of the four falls, Nyakai II, a perfect spot where you can have an impromptu shower. This watercourse is linked to that of Mwaro Falls before creating the namesake and tallest waterfall within the area- Karera Falls. They are approximately 70 m tall and they are one of the most beautiful natural wonders in Burundi.

This is a photo of Karera waterfalls in Rutana Burundi
Burundi Karera waterfalls

The Karera Waterfalls immerse deep into the forest with gigantic trees that are stunning to observe as they flow via different paths on six branches and three levels.

All the falls have many various smaller cascades. Near the falls, you will find dense forest vegetation which makes the realm look very beautiful and attractive to all or any forms of travelers both local and international.

As you’d expect, the falls are at their best during the wet season (especially from October to February). The Karera Waterfalls are 64 km south of Gitega. There is no public transport from Bujumbura to the site, so you’ll need to charter a vehicle in Bujumbura to induce here. If you need a trip to Karera waterfalls, you can book here from Augustine Tours’ partner Viator or get in touch with us directly.

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The protected Chutes de la Karera- Waterfall Surrounded by forest

The falls are fully protected since 1980 after being declared a tourist destination to be protected by the government. The beautiful, approximately 80m tall Karera Falls belong to the foremost impressive natural landmarks in Burundi.

Karera waterfalls

The site is included in most of the tours run by tour operators in Burundi. And one would say Karera waterfalls are a must-see place when visiting Burundi.

Burundi Multi-day or Day Tour with Karera Waterfalls

A day tour to Karera waterfalls usually starts from Bujumbura and combines a visit to the source of the Nile, the Gitega National Museum, and the Gishora Drum Sanctuary.

Along the falls, you can observe the general scenery of this 142-ha area is gorgeous.  Impressive are the large gorges, waterfalls, and occasional caves in Rutana province. Some of the foremost fascinating and awe-inspiring natural monuments are waterfalls or locations where a river abruptly changes its elevation.

Tourists recommend tours to Karera Waterfalls when traveling to Burundi

Karera waterfalls are one of the must-see places in Burundi. It is definitely worthwhile during the whole year round. During the rainy season, the four falls obviously have more water and you’ll be able to swim and stay all the time you would like.

From The Karera Waterfalls, you’ll be able to visit the same day the foremost southern source of the White Nile in Rutovu and the”Faille des Allemands”.

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