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Kenya is one of the main tourist destinations in Africa with a lot of wildlife safari destinations and places of visit. Worldly famous for its classic wild safaris, Kenya is a country of natural dramatic extremes and classic contrasts. Deserts and alpine snows; forests and open plains; the metropolis of Nairobi and colorful tribal cultures; beautiful beaches, freshwater lakes and not forgetting the Great Rift Valley and its wonders.

The Kenyan coast provides tourists with a very nice introduction to the attractions along the coastline with its extensive coral reefs and beautiful beaches. There are surfing, snorkeling, deep-sea fishing and other water activities.

Kenya is a world unto itself. The country is African original safari destination, attracting explorers, adventurers and travelers for centuries. A visit to Kenya is a trip of a lifetime given that the weather is always conducive throughout the year.

Country Kenya
Visa requirements

Visa is required

Languages spokenSwahili,English
Currency usedKSH,USD
Area (km2)581,309 km²

Sports & nature

Kenya is one of the founding nations of the East African Community and sports have been part of the nation’s culture since its prehistory. Sports is a way for the Kenyan to reconnect with their past and is also a means to get international acknowledgement.

Some of the traditional sports in Kenya include wrestling, racing, hunting and even board games.  Football is the most popular sport in Kenya but their national football team has not made that much of an impact in the international stage. Some of the other popular sports in Kenya include basketball, volleyball, rugby union, swimming, baseball and softball.

With all of the sport played in Kenya, one in particular has put the country’s name on the map and that is athletics, track and field to be specific. There are a lot of Kenyans who have made a name for themselves such as David Rudisha, a World Record Holder for 800m and is one of the most dominant world champions. Kenya has racked up an impressive medal count in the Olympic Games thanks to its runners like Pamela Jalimo and Samuel Wanjiru. Kenya is also a world power when it comes to long distance running with roster of world record holders including Kipchoge Keino, Tegla Laroupe, Catherine Ndereba and Paul Tergat.

If  you are eager for your own African experience, there are plenty of fascinating places to explore in Kenya. The country is steeped in history, lauded with bountiful natural beauty, and renowned for refining its rustic ambience and cultural elegance. As a matter of fact, Kenya may simply be the best-kept travel secret in Africa. The fascinating places are treasured for their beauty and they offer unequalled opportunities to unwind and relax in African style; thus making Kenya a beautiful country to visit.

Nightlife info

The late night scene in Kenya’s cities and towns can be described as simply vibrant, fun and plentiful. After the sun has set in the ‘green city of Nairobi’, travelers and visitors can be fully entertained in some of the city’s stylish and exciting bars and nightclubs. Kenyans too love to party! This is therefore a chance to meet and interact with locals as you drink and dance to music of your choice. Nightlife at the Coast is as exciting as the Swahili name given to the main city of Mombasa, ‘Mombasa Raha’ (Swahili term meaning Mombasa Fun). A perfect way to spend evenings after basking in the sun, if you have energy, you could sample some of the coastal towns’ nightlife.

Bars and nightclubs are most popular during the weekends- whether one is suffering from cold sores or not. This as a destination for digital nomads, locals, tourists and expatriates like to meet under the stylish, sophisticated and electric ambience of cosmopolitan secure nightspots where resident DJs belt out the latest dance music. To sweeten the nightlife experience, professional table service waiters are there to serve you from a rich menu of spirits, liquor, cocktails and shooters

Bars and nightclubs aside, Kenya’s beauty after sunset is impeccable! Lights on! Cameras on! At the roof top of Nairobi’s skyscrapers, the beauty of the city at night comes to life. Exercise your photography skills by taking shots of Nairobi’s skyline, the people and places that dot Nairobi’s architecture.

Culture and history info

Native African culture has been diluted in many parts of Kenya by outside influences. So for example, Kenya’s music is often a mixture of African, Indian, European and American styles.

Many Kenyan communities have also adopted westernised or Islamic forms of dress, with their original tribal clothes, jewellery, body ornamentation and weaponry kept for special occasions or celebrations.

However, in certain parts of Kenya, particularly across the more arid and inaccessible north, communities retain their traditional culture and ways of living. Among nomadic and pastoral tribes such as the Maasai, Samburu and Turkana, people still wear cloths or skins and elaborate jewelry of beads and metalwork.

Belief systems among some remote tribes also remain indigenous. Across Kenya as a whole two-thirds of people are Christian. With the centuries-old influence of Arabic and Islamic traders and settlers (particularly along the coast), around 15% of Kenyans are Muslim.

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