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Rwanda luxury tours are a good choice for African vacation packages. Nature, Wildlife & Lodges meet in Rwanda wildlife tours. If you ever needed some info about #Luxurytours and #Lodges in #Rwanda for a true #LuxuryTravel #experience you need to read this article.

You asked for it and we responded. Based on our local expertise, we have compiled on this Rwanda luxury travel guide a list of things to do and luxurious accommodations for an amazing mountain trekking experience. The country offers diverse options for tailor-made travel holidays delivering an unforgettable African safari vacation package. These can be luxury escorted tours or small group packages.

Know and plan your Rwanda luxury tours and safaris, holidays & tours- Gorilla trekking with your preferred custom gorilla tour company. Our team is made of tour guides speaking fluent English, and are enthusiastic about sharing local knowledge with visitors. Time to get started- have fun with the article.

Rwanda is on the list of African safari vacation package destinations. you are a couch-potato dreaming to explore the world from the comfort of your couch, Rwanda has plenty to amaze you – in the form of dry developmental statistics or in vivid descriptions of fabulous spots available on the internet or in the printed form of the world over. 

But if you want to be hypnotized by witnessing the awe-inspiring spots with your own eyes enjoying all the luxuries the country can offer, this is the country you must visit in your person. And as a local travel expert, I promise you this – you won’t be disappointed. Yes, Nature, Wildlife & Lodges converge into tailor-made Rwanda luxury tours.

The Journey Starts in Kigali

No luxury Rwanda gorilla safari experience without luxury lodges. What is the accommodation for your Rwanda luxury tours? There are enough hotels in Kigali with the coveted Five-Star authentication and this is the place where you are going to start the most memorable tours of your life so far! You just need to have a little faith to make it happen.

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Nightfall over Kigali, RwandaNightfall over Kigali Rwanda

Before going out of the city to explore the star attractions from Rwanda’s tourism arsenal, spend 2-3 days savoring what the city has to offer. After wearing off the jet lag, just go for a walk in the always bustling Nyamirambo street to enjoy the Rwandan version of ‘the (part of) City that never sleeps.

If you’re an artistry type, visit the traditional Ivuka and Uburanga art galleries or go to the new addition Inema or the hip Yego Arts gallery. If you want to collect local souvenirs which can be cool and practical at the same time, you must visit the cooperatives.

The catch is you have to have your ‘hard bargain’ cap on for all the purchases you want to make, believe me – this “war” is always fought with a smile time and you would never feel defeated.  I can keep bragging about the city until you finish all the available time you have for you to visit the rest of the country, so let’s just move on.

Rwanda Luxury Tour Radisson Blu Kigali Hotel-Suite
Radisson Blu Kigali Hotel-Suite

World-renowned hotel chains like Raddison or Marriott have their establishments delivering their signature hospitality with other efficient outfits like Kigali Serena or The Grand Legacy in the capital. So, if you have any shred of doubt about staying comfortable, now is the time to get it off your mind.

Nature Wildlife & Lodges converge in Rwanda Luxury Tours

What makes African wildlife tour packages special is the combination of nature, wildlife, and lodges.  Gorilla Trekking in Volcanoes National Parkstaring straight into the big, beautiful, brown eyes of a gorilla camouflaging in a lush green ocean suddenly is something that you will never forget. You can enjoy this otherworldly travel experience in the National de Volcanoes Park. And when you finish this moderate physically demanding adventure, there will all the upscale facilities for relaxation be waiting for you.

A Gorilla eating plants in the forest, Rwanda
A Gorilla eating plants in the forest, Rwanda

Where to stay before and after the gorilla trekking

What does Gorilla trekking look like as you indulge in Rwanda luxury tours? Before you indulge in your long-waited experience, it makes sense to relax in comfortable five-star facilities amongst the green mystique we call a forest. Bisate Lodge, Sabinyo Silverback Lodge Virunga, and Lodge are abundantly adept in taking luxurious care of your staying there.

You are here in green landscapes and a breathtaking environment, private cottages where you stay before and after an out-of-ordinary mountain gorilla trekking activity.

Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge
Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge

Our accommodation choices have been tested to ensure they provide services beyond just a hotel room; they constitute the main pillar of your successful Rwanda luxury tours and safari experience. Luxurious lodges in Volcanoes National Park guarantee the comfort and style you can expect for such a distinguished tour for all ages from young to senior travelers.

Chimpanzee Tracking in Nyungwe National Park

Speaking of the Rwanda luxury tours, Nature and wildlife converge. After a close encounter with the gorillas, you can choose to meet the human’s closest relatives in their natural habitat. For this, you need to come to Nyungwe Forest National Park where about 500 chimps are roaming freely. 

Chimpanzee with her child in the wild
Chimpanzee with her child in the wild

It is said that the forest surrounding the mountain has existed since the last ice age and it is profoundly bio-diversified, so if you want to just be amazed by the amazing trees, you have absolutely no choice but to visit it.  This park accommodates magnificent and exotic animals, and you can spot numerous species of fauna and flora, including 13 kinds of primates.

Calm and Luxurious Accommodation in Nyungwe Forest

 Like all the other tourist attractions in the country, Nyungwe Forest National Park is no different and has its own plethora of luxury accommodations for beloved tourists.

One & Only- Nyungwe National Park
One & Only- Nyungwe National Park

While on tour there, you can stay in ‘One & Only Nyungwe House’ located at the edge of Nyungwe and near the Gisakura ranger station. Like the name itself, this installation is truly a one-and-only establishment in terms of delivering comfort in elegance. Discovering Rwanda from the heart of the jungle, where you can behold green-clothed landscapes starts here.

Game Drives in Akagera National Park

Rwanda is not big on showcasing great safaris for the safari fanatics, but instead, it offers a more traditional approach to the safari experience. 

zebras in akagera national park in rwanda
Zebras in Akagera National park in Rwanda

For a complete travel experience with your bespoke Rwanda vacation, plan a tour of luxury slicing through the park in the middle and stay at Rusizi Tented Lodge by Lake Ihema. You can also choose to spend the night under the sky with some of the brightest stars you can ever see anywhere.  Your comfort is enhanced by amenities like the spacious lounge, dining area, bar, solar energy electricity, and hot running water.

Ruzizi Tented Lodge- by Sarah Hall
Ruzizi Tented Lodge- by Sarah Hall

Accommodation in Luxury Tent

 The luxury tented camp provides 7 ensuite tents on the shores of Lake Ihema and welcomes you in an amazing environment. A 2-night stay added to surfing game drives through Akagera National Park connect you to the big five- lions, elephants, leopards, rhinos, and buffalos.

Ruzizi Tented Lodge- by Sarah Hall
Ruzizi Tented Lodge- by Sarah Hall

The above is only a glimpse of many more that are waiting for you, to hypnotize you with their awe-inspiring spots. And now you just have to decide when you are going to amaze us with your presence.

Meanwhile, there are quite a several things to do in Kigali to enjoy all year round. There are local tour companies specialized in providing tailor-made tours as per your preferences. These tour operators are a wonderful source of local employment and they also have local expertise in planning luxury tours. They can be tailor-made tour boutique companies offering small group gorilla tour journeys or custom Rwanda luxury travel packages all year round according to the traveler’s needs. Are you considering your next adventure to Africa? Look no further, Rwanda has got you covered, and your gorilla trekking tour can boost the local economy.

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