Places to visit in Burundi

Located in central Africa, Burundi is a landlocked country in the African Great Lakes region of East Africa. Although the country has small superficies, breath-taking places are hidden in different places. These are places that we will suggest you the moment you will decide to come to Burundi.

Rusizi National Park

Rusizi National Park is located near the Congo border. You will see hippos and crocodile sunning themselves on the riverside of the Rusizi river. This is also the place where the world’s largest Nile crocodile has been discovered.

Karera waterfalls

The waterfalls of Karera are in province of Rutana in the municipality of Musongati, surrounded with a forest of trees. There are four falls in the Karera River, divided into six branches and spread over three levels. The falls have such a captivating beauty that charms every person visiting the place. The largest trees are also found in that locality such as Neutonia buchananii, Parinari curatellifolia and Pericopsis angolenis. That is one of the place that every Burundian would suggest you to visit as one of the principal passages.

Source of Nile

The Nile source is located in the south of Burundi at 115km from the capital Bujumbura, in Bururi province in Rutovu commune on Mount Gikizi. The source was discovered by a German explorer, Dr.Lurkart Naldecner. He decided to build a pyramid as sign that he had found the source. On the pyramid, is written its entire route from Egypt to Burundi in Language and names of explorers who failed to find the source. Near the pyramid, you can find hot springs that you can enjoy by swimming in and for that you should bring your swimming gear otherwise you will miss its benefits.

Gitega national museum

Located in the centre of the country, the National Museum hosts mainly some of the archival information about the history of the country (Ustencils, pictures, commentaries). The external view of the museum is not attractive and the aesthetics not impressive but the content is far more interesting and informing. Several Karyenda royal drum sanctuaries are located in the area as well as the royal court (I bwami).

Gishora Drum sanctuary

Gishora is located in Gitega at 7 km from the urban centre and at 200m of Gitega-Ngozi route. It is the famous drum sites of Burundi founded by the King Mwezi Gisabo after his victory over the rebellious chief Ntibirangwa. The site was run and remains run by a local community called ‘Abatimbo’ descending from the lineage of ‘Abanyigisaka’.

In Burundi, the drums were the pillar of the political power of the monarchy. Only ‘Abatimbo’ could made it and play it on special occasions announcing great events of the country like the royal enthronement, the sowing festival, the funerals of the kings and gave the rhythm of regular seasons.

The sanctuary of Gishora relive the cultural tradition of Burundi, you will find there drums that will never beaten like Ruciteme (the one for whom we clear the forest) and Mumirwa (the one for whom we cultivate), the two names are referred to the farming vacation and fertility which links the characteristics of the king. The ordinary drums “Ingendanyi” would be beaten on special occasions.

The architectural of the site refers to a royal place, and this is rarely found elsewhere in the country.

Kiganda royal grounds

All the kings that have ruled in Burundi were enthroned in Kiganda, Muramvya, on the hills overlooking the valley at the meeting of Mucece and Nyavyamo. A treaty was signed in 1903 between Barundi and Germans via the king Mwezi Gisabo due to how German soldiers failed to defeat the Barundi, it is called “The Treaty of Kiganda”. There you will visit the place where Mwezi Gisabo managed to narrowly escape Germans in the house of “Mutabazi” Bihome in Kanerwa.

Ruvubu National Park

The Ruvubu national park is located in eaten Burundi. This park is aligned with the Ruvubu River which gave it its name which means “Hippopotamus River”. Its relief is very contrasting, deep ravines, small plains, and alternating mountain ranges. The park contains different species of mammals like hippopotamus, Buffalo and others. Different bird species are also compiled and also aquatic birds. Reptiles and especially crocodile should be mentioned.

Kibira National Park

The Kibira Park is a huge rain forest of 40,000 hectares. The place was mostly reserved for hunting for the sacred kings of Burundi but it is now a place protected and filled with different species like chimpanzees, monkeys with tails and different species of birds.

Many streams and rivers that irrigate the country of the East and the West have their sources in that park. It is also one of the Mugamba regions with the highest rainfall in the country. Led by the guide, the tourists would go through the dark maquis to discover the beauty of that forest with all along the way the tunes of the birds.

In order to access the park, you cross a huge tea plantations of Teza and Rwegura that also decorate the landscape.

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