Places to visit and things to do in Burundi. Burundi is a country located in the African Great Lakes region of East Africa. The country has a small size with a lot of breath-taking places.

Rusizi National Park
Rusizi National Park is located near the Congo border. You will see hippos and crocodile sunning themselves on the riverside of the Rusizi River.

Karera waterfalls
The waterfalls of Karera are in the province of Rutana in the municipality of Musongati surrounded by a forest of trees. There are four falls in the Karera River. They are divided into six branches and spread over three levels. And, the falls have such a captivating beauty. It charms every person visiting the place.

Source of Nile
The Nile source is located in the south of Burundi at 115 km from the capital Bujumbura in Bururi province in Rutovu commune on Mount Gikizi. The German explorer Dr.Lurkart Naldecner has discovered the source of Nile. He decided to build a pyramid as a sign that he had found the source.

Gishora Drum sanctuary
Gishora is located in Gitega at 7 km from the urban center and near Gitega-Ngozi route. King Mwezi Gisabo ordered the construction of the site after his victory over the rebellious chief Ntibirangwa. A local community called ‘Abatimbo’ descending from the lineage of ‘Abanyigisaka’ runs the site.

Ruvubu National Park
The Ruvubu national park is located in eaten Burundi. Its relief is very contrasting, deep ravines, small plains, and alternating mountain ranges. The park contains different species of mammals like the hippopotamus, Buffalo, and others.

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