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Visit Rwanda-Elephant, Akagera National Park, Rwanda

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Find five best reasons to visit Rwanda today. To all types of tourists, solo, small groups, families, or corporate travelers taking a trip after their business schedule, Rwanda offers more of a true African experience when it comes to beautiful landscapes, rugged explorable terrain, and rich cultural heritage.

On the same holiday, you can visit the mountain gorillas, explore lakes and nature trails, experience a true wildlife game drive, or just relax with a day at a world-class spa. In fact, the Rwandan people, the government, and conservation agencies have all worked together to make the new Rwanda stronger and much more unified than ever. For tourists, that means more chances to explore and experience just what the ‘Land Of A Thousand Hills’ has to offer.

Visit Rwanda- zebras in akagera national park in rwanda
Visit Rwanda

If you are considering a holiday in Rwanda, there are many reasons that you should contact a Rwandan tour operator and start planning it now. Let’s take a look at five of them:

Visit The Mountain Gorillas Of Rwanda

Africa’s mountain gorillas are a legendary site to see. Located in the Volcanoes National Park, the Virunga Mountains are home to approximately half of the mountain gorillas in the world. As you trek through the lush forests, you will experience life as the gorillas do and engage in their natural behaviors.

Visit Rwanda, Augustine Tours Gorilla trekking

World-Class Hiking And Trekking 

If you are an active adventurer sort, Rwanda offers thousands of kilometers of climbing, hiking, and trekking trails. Experience the African highlands bush first-hand on a guided tour of Rwanda’s Nyungwe Forest and Volcanoes Parks

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Giraffe in Akagera National Park, Rwanda

City Tour of Kigali On Your Visit Rwanda

Known as the heartbeat of modern Rwanda, Kigali is also one of the friendliest capital cities in Africa. With a young population and modern metropolitan amenities, tourists will find more than enough to see and do.

Visit The Rwandan Culture

While the three highlights of the culture of Rwanda are its biography, people, and lifestyle, Rwanda’s joie de vivre is infectious. Despite the past often associated with the genocide, today the Rwanda people work toward a common goal, the betterment of the country. There are a wide range of cultural activities to see and do in Rwanda and tourists can experience daily Rwandan life through the eyes of local villagers.

Rwanda cultural tour

Visit Rwanda Beautiful Beaches

Beaches in Rwanda? Yes, and if you love being on or in the water, you will find Rwanda to be a beach lover’s dream. Lake Kivu, the 18th deepest lake on the planet, offers over 2700 square kilometers of boating, swimming, sailing, and fishing fun. With sandy beaches, swaying palm trees, and kite surfers whizzing past, you will hardly believe that you are at a lake and not some tropical ocean setting!

To learn more reasons why you should visit Rwanda, check our Rwanda Tours today and let an experienced African tour operator assist you today.

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