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What are the responsible tours and tips for parents traveling with children in Africa? Tips for parents traveling on responsible tours in Africa! Many communities have discovered that children on responsible tours are anxious to come back but few actually realize what this responsibility entails. Because of that, some children doubt that learning about the benefits of responsible tourism is any fun at all.

However, the notion of responsible tours has proved informative and entertaining for the entire family. The youngsters don’t really have to learn how certain types of tourism (sustainable tourism, ecotourism, etc.) impact lives, but kids will want to learn when it’s all said and done.

This article aims to entice more families to promote responsible tourism. With this in mind, while arranging a tour, travelers carry the burden of being culturally and environmentally aware. Responsible tour leaders provide some academic involvement and as guides, attempt to ensure a safe and exemplary journey for children to copy.

Why is Responsible Tourism important? Tourism has tremendous power which allows the local communities to benefit from it. Studies show that when people execute community tourism correctly, it’s profitable for everyone. The native people, local peddlers, and markets all have a better chance of thriving.

It’s safe to say most travelers are friendly individuals who support entrepreneurs within numerous industries. As a result, visits are profoundly significant to the improvement of the city. The beauty of it all is that youngsters accept the benefits of responsible tourism. Most grow up to tell the adventures to their children and grandchildren.

Child Safe Tourism

Before boarding transportation to East Africa, get to know the area first, then prepare for the trip. There are many ways in which to do this. Please, have a look at these key points before traveling with children on responsible tours.

1. Practicing another language is as easy as tuning in to an app or referring to a book or travel guide. It won’t take long to become familiar with key expressions and words if learning the vocabulary even sporadically.

2. By all means, encourage the family to watch documentaries. The films are extra informative with real-life details to learn about a destination.

3. Rather than donate money to children selling souvenirs to tourists, support the local charities and communities with meaningful contributions.

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4. The proper etiquette is to ask for consent before taking pictures of a child or if offering a gift to them, summon the parents.

5. Research any organization before volunteering services to vulnerable children. Inquire about specific policies or procedures relative to the children’s privacy and protection.

6. Before arrival, chat with local tour operators about the culture, customs, and responsible tour day trips. Thoughtful planning leads to vivid and pleasurable memories for generations to come.

7. When traveling by ground, some people prefer a window seat on the train or bus so inquire about eco-sustainable family tour packages. Avoid plane rides, cars, and taxis and embrace an alternative solution to a more sustainable and fulfilling package.

8. Many regions don’t have the capabilities of some modern countries and states. Having said this, make the most out of the amenities some take for granted. In other words, don’t abuse the luxury of having running and clean water, electricity, and air conditioning.

The ambition of child-safe tourism is to observe customs and traditional values. When relevant in communities, protect the entire body, including the head. Leave expensive designer items in the room while taking a tour or in the confines of home. It could make a huge difference in how the locals greet tourists.

Choosing a Multi-generational Family Tour Package

responsible family tour in rwanda-BurundiWhat interest does the family share? Burundi features all the conditions of a thriving nation with its cultural inheritance of ancient rituals and traditions. Gishora drum sanctuary conveys the ancestor’s transmission of original music, rhythmic dance, crafts, and various art forms.

Burundi is off the beaten path which makes it more intriguing for most visitors to East Africa. Top generational tours include once-in-a-lifetime family tour packages to places such as Rwanda and Burundi. Stop by the national parks or give the rainforests a visit but don’t stop there. It’s more opportunities for children on responsible tours to see.

Responsible Tours in Burundi

Get an early start and visit the far-away trails of Burundi and the Kibira National Park. Take a guided nature walk where it’s possible to see the wildlife in action. You may encounter a few chimps surrounded by the park’s pure charm but be on the lookout for the colobus monkey among the aboriginal woodlands.

From there, travel on to the great Congo-Nile Ridge and to the tea plantations. There, travelers are astonished as they learn about the traditional culture and how natives process and brew Burundi’s lush teas.

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Responsible - Tea plantations- Burundi Tour

There’s also a wonderful coffee farm in Gitega called Burundi Deparcharge du Cafe where visitors see how the authentic coffee is prepared. Next, you want to catch Karera Waterfalls, an untainted strip of East Africa, just before dusk. It’s a view you don’t want to miss. 

Karera Waterfalls

Karera Waterfalls is on the top of the must-see list for locals and those traveling with children on responsible tours. Some people know Karera Waterfalls as Les chutes de Karera. Those same people recognize this southern Burundi landmark as a distinguished connection to the Nile.

Karera waterfalls

Les chutes de Karera is situated in Rutana. The wetland consists of not one but four astonishing natural cascades, exploding with an extensive listing of smaller waterfalls. A dense green gallery grows beautifully next to the streams to protect the indigenous primates.  

Parc National de la Kibira

You can’t leave without visiting the Parc National de la Kibira, home to the largest rainforest and water surges in Burundi. Kibira is adjacent to the iconic site, Nyungwe National Park, which is in Rwanda.

Burundi green tour

Because Kibira is unexplored terrain, it exudes adventure. For this reason, a tour operator is valuable in enhancing this day trip. Within the grounds, you may find a few chimpanzees. The furry apes are cautious creatures although they are skillful at camouflaging themselves. What’s more, the community in Rwanda believes hundreds of colobus monkeys still roam the forest.  

Bujumbura City Tour 

If traveling with children on responsible tours, be certain to visit the villages of Bujumbura and Rusizi National Park. Grandparents and youngsters alike marvel at the magnificent scenery along Bujumbura’s Lake Tanganyika beaches.

The family who’s passionate about the outdoors may appreciate the fishing villages, walk down the gorgeous streets in Bujumbura, or escape with a driving tour of Bujumbura and visit Saga Beach.

If those destinations don’t amuse your imagination, opt for a boat tour along the Rusizi River and revel in the natural ambiance of Bujumbura’s rare plant life.

burundi discovery tour

Get a first-hand glimpse at the hippos and the rare collection of birds between Lake Tanganyika and the Rusizi River. Travelers have seen malachite eagles, herons, bee-eaters, and the kingfisher to mention a few.

Burundi is the ideal destination to kill an unforgettable holiday with the family. The best advice when it comes to traveling to Burundi is to study delivering the terminology. When scheduling your vacation, take advantage of family East Africa vacation packages all-inclusive, of course. It’s sure to be a treat for all active age groups.   

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