As those who have already traveled independently to Africa will recall, the tourism potential surpasses wildlife and gorilla safaris- in Rwanda for instance.

The choice is diverse, although the travel information is more accessible through different travel portals, searching for the best options needs much work and time which creates sometimes confusion. If you aren’t familiar with the area, you’re traveling to, why not using the local experts? Believe it or not, those are people who specialize in making sure you get things right.

Tourism- Travel with a purpose

Though tourism refers to travel, it goes beyond just going on a long journey, but with a specific purpose. Today, there are movements that advocate for environmental protection and treatment of animals with more respect. The global trend is to keep animals in their natural habitat.

Augustine Tours, as a Rwanda based tour company, focuses on “Responsible Tourism” through small group travels.

That means giving visitors tailor-made tours, with minimal impact on the environment, tours that benefit local communities. In the below video, Augustin Ndikuriyo, the company director discusses the advantages of customized tours in connecting visitors and the locals.  Those itineraries showcase the diverse culture and wildlife that tourists can feel good about while allowing them to contribute to the local economy.

Travel style choices

When you want to take a vacation to a certain destination. You can consider choosing from online offers or going for tailor-made tours that are usually designed to meet special travel wishes. Given the diversity in our lifestyle and our likes, it makes sense to have different travel styles as well. Urban travel admirers will surely make different choices from what a countryside addict will put on their bucket list.

Requesting a custom-made tour program isn’t giving the tour company extra work. Using their local expertise to design a fresh program coming from the client wishes matched the available/ doable activities within your budget and time isn’t much to ask. If tourist wishes are different so are our tours- one fits all doesn’t work.

When we talk about tailor-made tours, we don’t mean fancy excursions and holidays but activities fulfilling one’s dream.

Personal attention: A local company is able to craft a tailor-made tour program that is fun, unique, creative, and full of activities according to clients wishes.

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