When you have stepped over the 50-year line in your life, you probably will feel, like me, that a tiny-winy piece of your body dies every single morning as you wake up from an interrupted blanket drill. You may look back and start analyzing what you’ve achieved and whisper to yourself “I didn’t do this; I should have explored more of this world.”    If you are a pessimist, unlike me and think about the missed moments with a howling sigh originated somewhere deep in your soul, you probably should leave this page at once. Or maybe not, maybe you can give me a chance to tell you that life is worth living every second with absolutely no regrets. It is never late to explore new destinations, to try new food, to learn and experience a new culture. That’s right it’s never too late to have fun with a Rwanda vacation, the rising holiday destination of Africa.

And the other travelers with varied demographic from younger to older generations including upscale, budget or eco-tourists alike, please bear with me for getting you to know about the jewels that you will explore in Rwanda.

The Things You Might Feel Difficult to Do That Aren’t Actually

First, let’s find out some of the adventures that adrenalin junkies would die for:

1.Hiking, Biking or Kayaking the Congo-Nile Trail

2.Searching for Chimpanzees in a Nyungwe Rainforest

3.Trekking the Mountain Gorillas in Volcanoes National Park

4.Kayaking Lake Kivu

5.Climbing Mount Bisoke

Those are the activities that won’t necessarily test your physical and mental strength.  But if you are confident enough that your doctor and your spouse would be coercing you to look elsewhere no matter what shape you are in, then look no further but just below:

The Things You Will Breeze Through

Gorilla Trekking Is Easy: indeed, it would be, since you wouldn’t have to set up the things in order to stay overnight around the park and hike the next day searching for the amazing creatures.

Gorilla male adult

Gorilla male adult

Yes, the gorilla permit and accommodation would be pre-booked for you, should you choose to exercise this not so challenging hike in Volcanoes National Park. ‘Where’ I hear you thinking, well, it’s only a 30-minute drive from the city of Musanze.  You might be mistaken for taking this activity as daunting, as spending a night around the park, perhaps it is not your cup of tea anymore, but believe me, it is relaxing. Waking up and taking your breakfast in a green environment, entertained by a professional service of Virunga Lodge, Bisate Lodge, Mountain Gorilla View Lodge just to name a few, is an incomparable and unforgettable experience.

Sunset from Virunga Lodge

At almost the dead center of lake Burela, a little piece of land just known as Cyuza’s Island, wedges through its head over the water and can easily be reachable by a boat. Swimming and kayaking in the gentlest of streams may not entice you to participate in the activities, but I promise you this – the view of Mount Muhabura from the Lodge is breathtaking. And if you are with friends and family, a visit down the memory lane is something you wouldn’t want to miss for anything.

Surfing through the Safari: Rwanda is not big on showcasing great safaris for the safari fanatics, but instead, it offers a more traditional approach in the safari experience. Rwanda has Akagera National Park, which is the only hands on safari park the country has, and it is also the playground of the fabulous five – lions, elephants, leopards, rhinos and buffalos.

zebras in akagera national park in rwanda

zebras in akagera national park in rwanda

For a maximum experience, plan a tour of luxury slicing through the park in the middle and stay at Rusizi’s tented Lodge by the Lake Ihema. You can also choose to spend the night under the sky with some of the brightest stars you can ever see anywhere.

Energize Yourself with Green Freshness: after tackling the bumps offered by the dirt roads, charge your batteries by embracing the emerald green Sorwathe Tea plantation. The vast greenness around with the cloudless blue sky above, be sure to relieve yourself from all the dirt deposited on your body and mind by the rigorous city living. And, don’t forget to educate yourself about the tea making process while walking through the plantation’s sloping pathways.

walking through tea plantation field in Rwanda

A History Lesson with Pleasure: to commemorate 25 years of independence, the Ethnographic Museum is a gift from Belgium. The first thing you would be mesmerized at is the building itself. But being situated in a beautiful building is only a small feat compared to the vast sea of treasures the museum can offer. It is regarded as one of the best museums in the whole African continent having a rich collection of ethnological and archeological artifacts.

Nyanza – Kings Palace Museum

The museum consists of seven outstandingly alighted exhibition halls. Seven halls perform different duties in housing different attractions for professional and amateur historians alike. The first hall has the museum shop, the second one displays a hugely detailed topography of the land mass Rwanda possesses, the middle one stores items used in woodwork, agriculture, pottery, animal husbandry, hunting and other domestic acts that was performed in the ancient time in the chronological order as suggested by the historians.

cultural village wedding party

cultural village wedding party

In the center there stands Kagondo hut exhibiting housing and living items of pre-colonial times. The remaining halls show traditional clothing and information on Rwandan prehistory. There is also an exciting segment showcasing divination.

And for the artistic types, the greatest attraction is that the museum is the place where professional Intore dancers and drummers perform to amaze you. You just need to time it to suit the schedule.

Be A Rwandan ‘Kingsman’: the king’s Palace Museum in Rukari wasn’t built to make you a historian, rather the idea was to make you awestruck.  Just a stone’s throw distance at the southwest from the city, this establishment was established to showcase the royal delights with some of the architectural idiosyncrasies.

Nyanza – Kings & Cows

The Inyambos (sacred cows) wander royally at the compound just behind the palace. Don’t be afraid to look at the 2.5-meter span between the horns, because these majestic creatures would rather be dozing if you care to sing lullabies to them.

Become a Craftsman: now is the time to learn something truly unique and if you are up to the challenge, go to a village called Nkotsi about 7 kilometer away from the southwest of Musanze. The village hosts a mirthful and occupying package of cultural activities ranging from basket-weaving demonstrations to learning brewing banana bear.  You can also learn beekeeping, traditional medicine and drumming lessons. But if you aren’t in the learning mode, just have a long walk through the village roads full of flora and fauna.

cultural village medicine man

Behind the Scenes of Fame: trekking gorillas in Volcanoes National Park can be the star of the Rwandan Tourism arsenal, but the gorilla guardians’ village is a special treat on its own. If you want to experience the simple pleasures of chores happening daily, stay a day or two in the gorilla guardian village in the Volcanoes National Park. You will learn how to grind seeds or how to fire bows and arrows. You can learn the traditional Intore dance moves and then participate in it like a full-blown member. Or if you get lucky, you might get the chance to be part in the marriage ceremony of a King to His Queen.

Now you know that Rwanda won’t disappoint anyone – be it a youngster or a senior traveler like me– everyone will have something for them to enjoy, to relish, to be lost in for a few moments from the drag and nag that we call modern civilization.

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