This is the best tipping etiquette in East Africa now. In the travel world, tipping should be thought of first and foremost as a reward for attentive and well-delivered service but in reality, tipping etiquette has now changed into a culture with hidden expectations by the service providers, and this culture is not always well understood by travelers. Despite this, tipping is still done by many travelers in different destinations, and to them; it has become a beautiful culture that in many cases should boost the morale of service providers in hotels and transport sectors.

Depending on the timing, tipping should be a reward for good service rendered during a stay in a hotel or after using hired transport services. If you are using the service of one person repeatedly throughout your trip, for example, a daily chauffeur, feel free to tip all at once at the end of your transport services. If, however, you have received special services throughout your stay in a hotel, resort, or a motel, a larger tip is a good sign of appreciation.

Keep several loose currencies handy in either an accessible pocket or a purse. This helps in avoiding digging for them from different pockets during tipping; it might be a little embarrassing. Always keep them neatly folded. Something one shouldn’t do is to ask for change the person you are planning to tip, as this may look weird.

If for some reason you do not have a tip ready, it is better to skip it, particularly if you can get change from somewhere else and return with your tip at some point in the future.

It may be expected in many situations, but tipping is not a must-do. Tipping hotel staff and drivers should be at a traveler’s discretion and should be thought of as a reward for excellent service. One should not feel obligated to give a tip if the service given was not well delivered. On the other hand, consider giving a larger tip for those who go out of their way to provide personalized service. Although it is not required, it is considered necessary unless service was really lacking in some way, do give a tip, or at least a smile and a thank you after being well served.

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