How do you bring up the packages and convey their value to your clients? Tour Packages Safari programs to East Africa.
“We very much hope to visit East Africa in November. We appreciate the work you put into giving us a quote. Unfortunately, the price was higher than we had budgeted”. I bet almost everyone operating in the travel industry has already received a similar email.The above email will most of the time come after a series of email exchange, programs and quotes. A detailed document with information on all available tour plans.
Here is the question we are discussing. When does this type of situation occur and what are the main reasons?

  • Some clients might be keen to take you up on your offer of a special holiday development package
  • But simply they can’t afford it.
  • Others might not simply need the suggested level of service.

How does Augustine Tours deal with this kind of situation?
We are there for our clients . Being creative and flexible with our offers and plans  is something of high importance.Our team  is prepared to listen to feedback and create custom solutions for you. The company  fully understands  “one-size-fits-all approach” doesn’t always work with all clients. Therefore, we  are flexible and willing to work with all situations. This has been the reason behind the growth of the trust.
Planning has enabled us to ensure that the holiday or tour package goes smoothly. For this reason, we have a better idea of what our clients need ahead of time.  It  then allows us  to provide the services at a reasonable rate.