How to make touring Africa accessible to solo travelers and young people through tailor-made budget-friendly tours. There have been a lot of misconceptions about traveling to Africa as a solo traveler. Some people think that it is too expensive, and you cannot travel alone. This is not true as Africa has become one of the world’s popular destinations. Traveling to Africa as a solo traveler gives you a thrill of discovery, connection with nature and experience new cultures. Generally, joining a small group tour that conveys and gives you an authentic vacation experience of both cultural and wildlife aspects is rewarding and commendable.

How does this apply to young people or other tourists who need an African tour but don’t have a group to join or cannot afford the group tour costs, still want to travel and decide going solo? Are they able to get the same experience as if traveling in group tours? This article will discuss ways to tour Africa on an affordable budget with an optimal travel experience. This travel guide article aims to address different questions most of the solo travelers ask themselves when thinking of traveling to Africa. They are retrieved from questions related to East Africa tourist destinations namely Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, and Kenya.

When you choose to tour Africa as a solo traveler, you will find various online holiday offers from travel market places or local providers such that you will be lost for choice. The first step that every traveler should take is to find a reputable tour company. The best way to find one is to do an online search and check the reviews of that company.

It is important to find a local company that has enough experience in local tourism.

This can, in other words, mean that the company will be able to adjust the offers they have on their website so that solo travelers can also have a peak experience and see what they really want to. Unlike some online travel agents or internet brokers, the local tour company knows best the area, and all possible activities within the area. They can custom-make budget-friendly tours and transfers that are fun, creative, and full of activities.

Before you travel you will need to discuss, with the tour company about your travel wishes and this includes;

Types of activities and the amount of time needed.  

There is a lot to explore in each country you will visit, and it is important to have a schedule for the must-see places and to do things on your list. Most of the tour companies have various packages depending on the number of days that you will be spending on each destination.

Some of the key things to do in East Africa are wildlife tours including gorilla trekking, game drives, birding, wildlife photography,  hiking adventures, enjoying the sandy beaches and exploring the local culture.

Speak to the company and mention your bucket list for them to be able to advise how to enjoy all these activities within your time frame.

Guided Tours or Self-guided tours

Guided tours are those tours whereby you will get a local guide to help you around with the help of their local knowledge and experience. With guided tours, the company that you select will provide transportation from one place to another whereby you can explore as a group or private tour. The advantages of a guided tour are that it is convenient, and you will have someone to explain to you about everything.

On the other hand, self-guided tours have become popular among many travelers. In the past, people could join as a group and travel together to reduce the expenses involved. But today, you can travel solo on a self-guided tour. The self-guided tours allow one to explore the city and learn new things on their own. Check with the travel company if that option is available.

Moreover, you can find tour options offering escorted day or half-day trips, and other days you can explore the different parts of the country you are visiting on your own.

Which accommodation suits your travel style.

One of the vital solo travel tips is to talk to find the right accommodation. When it comes to tour design, the accommodation style needs to be disclosed. There are several options to choose from. The choice of accommodation will depend on your budget.

The tour provider should have several packages that will meet your needs. One of the accommodation packages that most of the travel companies provide is the hotel whereby they help to book one. With a hotel, you will be provided accommodation with meals and airport transfers in some cases. Other accommodation services are hostels whereby you will have to cater to your food and travel expenses.

When discussing your accommodation, make sure that you inquire from the tour company, the facilities, and services provided in each package.

Car rental with a driver

There are tour companies that provide car rentals services to travelers who need to explore the area on their own. If you fall into this category, inquire about the car rental options. You can rent a car to travel on your own or with family and friends. It is important to book rental cars in advance.

Tour customization

When you go on a trip as a solo traveler or in group tours, you have expectations and plans. Therefore, it is important to have custom-made tour services. This approach might be beneficial in particular to young people who travel on educational or cultural programs. Tourists will go into the bush, walk, hike and meet nature up close. They will experience local culture, food and interact with the locals.

The social or cultural exchange aspect appears to play an important role in connecting people through tourism. And such programs don’t necessarily have to be expensive.

Costs for traveling as a solo traveler

One of the reasons why many young people, usually under 30, do not travel alone to Africa is that they think it’s very expensive and almost impossible. But this is not the case; all you need is to identify tour companies that offer tailor-made trip services that will match your travel needs. Make sure you select the one that has local expertise in every country that will help you find the right packages for car, accommodation, and tours.  Payment terms and methods should be flexible.

If you are a young person and you are not sure about solo traveling to East Africa, do not worry, tailor-made tour services make touring East Africa accessible and affordable to all ages once you follow the above guidelines.    

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