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Travel bloggers covering” off-beaten destinations” have made travel more accessible than ever. Many tourists believe it’s important to follow bloggers that sometimes we call travel influencers to boost their confidence while traveling abroad. But not all of them are ethical travelers or simply sustainable tourism motivated. We believe that it is crucial that tourism makes a positive impact on both tourists and destinations by ensuring that travels don’t damage our planet, places we see, local communities, and cultural heritage. Below is a list of blogs we love.

Photos and videos from our fascinating trip through Rwanda & Burundi -Bob Bartlett

A week exploring a tiny central African country– Gary Krosin

Rwanda, a rising travel destination of Africa -The Gypsy Nesters

Rwanda – Tailor-Made Tours That Surpass – Wildlife and Gorilla Safaris– Pure Travel

We meet Augustin Ndikuriyo, founder of African-based tour company Augustine Tours – Travel Massive

Augustine Tours featured on Ideamensch  -Ideamensch

Interview With Entrepreneur, Traveller and Augustine Tours’ Founder, Augustin Ndikuriyo  -Blogprocess

Augustin Ndikuriyo, Managing Director was on the April 21, 2019 “Travel with Stephanie Abrams!” Radio Show in hour 3.

Inspirock -Inspiration to see the planet

FiftyPlusToday- Gorilla Trekking In Rwanda: Is It Really Worth My Time, Money & Effort?

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