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Our visit Rwanda tours are tailor-made safari and African group vacations designed to immerse in mountain gorilla trek and cultural tour experience. The 9 travel tips show Rwanda tour packages beyond wildlife and Gorilla trek safaris. Yes, what everyone needs to know about the nine travel tips as you plan to visit Rwanda beyond the famous gorilla trekking. Rwanda is definitely one of the most intriguing tourist destinations in East Africa.

Is Rwanda a good place to visit? Yes, Because of features like environmental sustainability, national parks, and the infectious joie de vivre, natives can prosper from tourism. Of the incredible riches of Rwanda outside of the wildlife and gorilla safaris, the country has one of the largest rainforest parks in Africa.   

visit Rwanda tours - A Gorilla eating plants in the forest, Rwanda
A Gorilla eating plants in the forest- Gorilla trek

Despite being home to one of the world’s most advancing conservation management systems, Rwanda’s natural landmarks are part of the city’s absolute beauty.

Rebuilding has been demanding. More so, it’s been a profoundly emotional journey and an interesting one. Still, there are three infectious highlights: the biography, the people, and their lifestyle.

Did you know that Africa is no longer just regarded as a wildlife travel destination for the famous big five? A perfect blend of wildlife and culture will make your Rwanda vacation worthwhile on every level.

What is the best month to visit Rwanda?

Before fixing your travel dates, you need an answer to this question. What are the best tours in Rwanda? Rwanda gorilla trekking is an incredible experience that allows visitors to observe mountain gorillas in their natural habitat. This is an opportunity to observe these majestic animals up close and gain insight into the lives of our closest relatives. Rwanda is one of the few countries in the world that offers the chance to trek and observe these amazing creatures in the wild.

If you want to visit, one of the best times to see the country is during the months of June and October when it’s not pouring down. Can’t make it then? Come in March when spring breakers are in Miami. However, If you want to see the heart of Rwanda without bumping into other tourists, come in January or February.

This is also the best season to undertake a trip off the tourist route and relish the local cuisine, mountain views, and waterscapes. There’s no need to worry about anything in Rwanda as they positioned it 9th for safety by the World Economic Forum

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Nightfall over Kigali, Visit Rwanda
Nightfall over Kigali, Rwanda

With this in mind, you want to see the immersing hot spots the tour packages did not include. Before you go out, you must learn a little about their way of life and practices. You don’t want to embarrass yourself or endure the aftermath of acting improperly.

Rwanda Travel Tips: Responsible Tourism

Rwanda and its people are eminently conservative. The inhabitants are modest, and they honor their elders. When going out in Rwanda, protect your body and resist having a confrontation with anybody there, specifically with a senior.

1. Do not call attention to yourself by loud talking and making dramatic expressions. Deal with any issues you may have respectfully and privately.

2. The Rwandans believe in a few superstitions and whistling is one they observe. Think twice about whistling at night or at a woman. Somehow people associate this expression with prostitution. 

3. You shouldn’t eat where other people can observe you. This means no eating as you’re roaming the trails or on the transport or taxi. You should not even eat among people you don’t know at a social function. They feel as though it’s impolite and tasteless.

Now, that you have some of Rwanda’s unique dos and don’ts, discover what the place is all about. There is a plethora of touristy places to delve into in Rwanda and this list merely scrapes the surface. Some of the best places in Rwanda to hit are the courses less traveled.

Craft markets-Local arts: Inema Art Center 

This is among the travel trips you need as you explore Kigali. The Inema Art Center is a product of brothers Emmanuel and Innocent Nkuranga. These two are self-taught artists who established the center to rattle the gifted mind and spark economic prosperity.

Booking the visit Rwanda tours beyond the classing trekking gorilla trips.  Their intention is to promote contemporary African artwork by women from the Nziza Workshop, combining expressions and sculptures. They feature tailor-made jewelry, leather goods, and African print linens by the mothers and daughters of Nziza. Inema has adequate capacity to support up to 10 artists who want to bloom their skills.

Working with the students has allowed the brothers to give back to the local community by producing a positive resource for the youth. In Kacyiru, the Inema Art Center also provides space on a regular basis for the cultural dance troupe experts. It opens at 8 am and closes at 8 pm, every day. 

Millennium Village Tour

It’s a 45-minute drive but you’ll embark on an excursion leading you into Kigali’s historic district just south of Rwanda. It was one of the poorest communities in Rwanda but currently serves as a development model. See the Genocide Memorial, once known to some as the Nyamata church, and the graves of the 1994 genocide against Tutsi. 

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Speak with women who were previously impoverished and find out how they shifted their knowledge of weaving beautifully handcrafted Agaseke (baskets) into a viable local community experience. Survivors of the genocide tell their stories and end the night with a traditional Ubusabane, featuring an assortment of food, refreshments, and dance.

1000 Hills Distillery

In 2014, with an enthusiasm for whisky, two men opened the 1000 Hills Distillery in Rwanda. They chose Rwanda because they were overwhelmed with deep connections to the local communities and the city’s picturesque views.

The men initially planned to have a vineyard. However, the fact they could resource supplies from the locals sealed the deal on a distillery. This way they could back the communities and small markets and still take part in responsible tourism.

The partners now offer five triple premium distilled liquors – coffee liqueur, spiced rum, single malt whisky, Vodka, and a London Dry Gin.

Kimironko Market

You can conveniently find everything under the sun at the Kimironko Market. In fact, folk say no matter what you’re looking for, this market in Kigali is wonderful. Come for authentic clothing and leave with electronics or practical kitchen gadgets.

Kigali - Kimironko Market
Kigali – Kimironko Market

You may need tour operators or interpreters to take full advantage of the incredible market you get the best prices. Everyone waits for travelers to haggle to get the best deal. Nonetheless, visitors find the cuisine to be exceptional and the crafts worth bargaining for.

MAMA Rwanda Hostel

Mama Rwanda was created to enhance the lives of single mothers in Kigali. The project provides women with sewing skills to make unique African products. They offer African handcrafts and fashionable fabric products to the country so they can generate revenue.

Irembo also maintains a degree of study for the children identified as not being able to manage the fees for school. They have 10 rooms well equipped for the projects, and a general section to relax in. The Hostel is at the core of Kigali.

Repub Lounge

Tourists call the Repub Lounge the best in Kigali. Sample East African dishes like sambaza (a seafood delicacy found along Lake Kivu), or coconut fish curry – they all taste marvelous. The portion size and quality of the family-style Rwandan dishes are outstanding. Reserve the highly recommended patio seating and welcome the exquisite views of the city.

Touring Kigali under liquid sunshine?

When you come, you must choose a night trip and prepare to get caught in the drizzle. Some visitors find getting snagged in the liquid sunshine enjoyable while exploring the city. The experience is worth the wet hair and heavy clothes that seem to latch onto your skin.  

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