Where is Burundi & what are things to do? The country lies in the great lakes region of Africa. It shares borders with Rwanda, DR Congo, and Tanzania. Burundi has an amazing multitude of happy and friendly people who are proud of their country.

They will make sure you enjoy your visit. Greetings in Burundi are full of expressions of peace and love for individuals and the whole community.
Therefore, they share both a common language and collective cultural elements which are admirable. It is openly passed to all visitors with a warm handshake or a hug accompanied by a beautiful smile. Christianity remains to be the most-followed religion in here.
Families or friends enjoy a meal together in a social moment accompanied by a drink.

Burundi traditional clothing consists of African Vitenge (wrappers). Young girls and women wear this type of clothing.
It is very popular during ceremonies and social gatherings. Mostly, people in rural areas do not go for the western style of clothing. Instead, they settle for a traditional way of dressing. Burundi clothing is simple and uniquely designed. It is important that the person wearing the garment feel comfortable. And, they are able to perform various duties and work. In this country, the value of music has proven to be significant to the culture. And, one of the most celebrated cultures is the playing of historical drums. The drums were much more than simple musical instruments. During the royal times, the drums were announcing major events for the king. Those are like a royal coronation, funeral, and weddings. Locals play the drums at major events, particularly during national and international events. They still respect drums just as their ancestors did.

Welcoming everyone with warm smiles is the way of life here in Burundi.

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