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Africa Tour Travel bucket list is here!

Our East Africa private tours, all-inclusive travel packages, or small group tours take you to Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, and Burundi. Travelers can combine the wildebeest migration between Kenya and Tanzania with mountain gorilla and chimpanzee trekking in Uganda and Rwanda plus a Burundi visit, whilst taking in the various rich cultures and beaches.

Amboseli National Park

One of the top Kenyan national parks, Amboseli National Park offers a great chance to spot elephants, zebras, lions, and hyenas. The park has more than 370 bird species making it a birding lovers & wildlife experiences destination.

Nairobi National Park

The park lies in the city’s southern outskirts, with abundant wildlife despite its small size of 117 sq km. Going for the nickname ‘Kifaru Ark’, the park has a good number of black rhinos (around 50. Lions, hyenas, gazelles, warthogs, zebras, giraffes, ostriches and buffaloes, cheetahs, and leopards are among the animals that can be spotted.

Africa Gorilla Trekking – Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

Encounter of tourist and mountain gorilla in African jungle.

Home to mountain gorillas beside its neighbor Rwanda’s Volcano National Park, Bwindi National Park written on the World Heritage list–is of the main tourist destinations in East Africa. The park lies on over 331 sq km of mountain rainforest, with around 340 gorillas.

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Murchison Falls National Park

One might call it the best Uganda National Park. Animals with stunning waterfalls result of Victoria Nile descending through the rock and continuing to Lake Albert make an unforgettable travel memory in Uganda.

What to see: elephants, Rothschild giraffes, lions, antelopes, waterbucks, buffaloes, hippos and crocodiles, and numerous, around 400 species of bird.

Serengeti National Park

Behold a stunning migration of animals in their millions in one of the greatest wildlife-watching destinations in Africa, maybe on our planet.  With the vast plains, Serengeti with its 14,763-sq-km detains nature’s beauty, and fresh grasslands where live millions of wildebeest animals.

Tanzania Wildlife Beauty

It is here you can spot the Big Five altogether lion, elephant, rhino, leopard, and buffalo. Among other animals are cheetahs, leopards, hyenas, jackals, zebras, giraffes, buffaloes, topis, elands, hartebeests, impalas, and many more. Serengeti is also a destination for birdwatching with over 500 species.

Tarangire National Park

Set next to Serengeti National Park, Tarangire comes as the second wildlife home in Tanzania. What to see:  700 resident lions, cheetahs, large herds of zebras, wildebeest, hartebeests, elands, oryx, waterbucks, giraffes, and buffaloes. Tarangire is also one of the best birdwatching destinations in Tanzania with over 400 bird species.

Gorilla trekking tour in Volcano National Park

Gorilla trekking tour

It is right here that you will have a face-to-face encounter with the mountain gorillas in the mist. And this is undoubtedly the main tourist attraction in Rwanda offering visitors a range of activities as well as Hiking, Golden Monkeys which are habituated to human contact.

Chimanzee tracking in Nyungwe National Park

Africa chimpanzee tracking

With its vast biodiversity, Nyungwe National park is one of the main & important areas for forest conservation in Africa. The forest offers a chance to track chimpanzees, and some troops of monkeys, including Angolan colobi, Dent’s monkeys, grey-cheeked mangabeys, baboons, vervet monkeys, and diademed monkeys. Visitors can explore the forest through a guided nature hike and a canopy walk offering a nice view of the well-protected forest.

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Karera waterfalls

Africa, Burundi Karera waterfalls

Karera waterfalls or simply Les Chutes de la Karera or Les Chutes de Mwishanga are made of four beautiful waterfalls located in the province of Rutana. The 4 waterfalls are Nyakai I which is the first you see on your arrival then comes Nyakai II which can make one desire a sudden shower. Mwaro Falls join these 2 waterfalls before creating the main waterfall -Karera Falls. A visit to Karera waterfalls offers a perfect combination with the Gishora drum sanctuary located at 64 km in Gitega.

Gishora drum sanctuary

Burundi drummers

Gishora is located in Gitega at 7 km from the urban center and near the Gitega-Ngozi route. King Mwezi Gisabo ordered the construction of the site after his victory over the rebellious chief Ntibirangwa. A local community called ‘Abatimbo’ descending from the lineage of ‘Abanyigisaka’ runs the site. It is here where you will assist and participate in a drum show at its best.

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